Minutes of the Meeting of the Kent County Stamp Club

                                            Held April 24th. 2019 in the Library Seminar Room,

              John McGregor Secondary School

                               Chatham, Ontario


President Dennis Marek opened the meeting at 8:05 PM, and welcomed the 15 Kent & 8 guests from Windsor Club present.


The Secretary read the minutes of the March 27th.. Meeting. Bob “Moved” and John Beaman “Seconded” that the minutes be adopted as read. Carried by Show of Hands.


The Treasurers Report Shows that our current balance is now $xxxx.xx. John Beaman moved & Abie Heersma Seconded. Carried by Show of Hands.


Business Arising from the Minutes: ORAPEX is May4-5th., Sarnia Show is May 11th.


Old Business: Our Venue for KENTPEX 2019 and 2020 has been confirmed.


New Business: There is a new C.S.D.A. Member living in Chatham-Kent. John B. is going to contact him regarding his possible renting of a table at our upcoming KENTPEX.


Correspondence: Club copy of the latest Canadian Philatelist as well as Sparks & Maresch Auction catalogs were made available.


Club Special Event:


Motion to Adjourn:  Was made at 8:45. Alex moved and Dorothy Seconded.


The 50/50 draw was held and Kevin closed our evening hosting a small auction. Members went home at 9:00.


_____________________                                           ________________________

Dennis Marek, President                                              Bob Haines, Secretary